What is Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

What is Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

EPC is a document including minimum energy need, energy consumption class rating, insulation specification, energy consumption of heating-cooling systems of a building.

It is also shown how much the buildings are economical in terms of fuel consumption and electricity consumption in the purchase and sale and lease operations of the landlord and tenants.

What information is in the EPC?

·         Building information

·         Amount of energy used for building heating, cooling, air conditioning, ventilation and sanitary hot water supply (kWh/year)

·         The amount of energy per year for each energy consumed (kWh/year)

·         Annual amount per unit of use of greenhouse gases generated by energy consumption (kg CO2/m2-year)

·         Classification of annual energy consumption per area of use of buildings and a reference scale ranging from greenhouse gas emissions A to G

·         Building lighting energy consumption value

·         Renewable energy use rate of building


Which Building EPC is Obligatory?

EPC, according to Energy Efficiency Law No. 5627;

·         As of 01.01.2011, it is compulsory for the buildings which are consulted for the building license, and municipalities will be required in the stage of building permit document.

·         Existing buildings are obliged to buy EPC by 01.01.2020.


Where to Obtain EPC?

·         The Energy Performance Certificate of the existing buildings can be awarded to Energy Efficiency Consultancy Companies which are authorized in the building sector.

·         Energy Efficiency Consultancy Companies which are authorized in the building sector are published in the website of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources General Directorate of Renewable Energy

 The authenticity of EPC is verified by the document number of EPC on the internet address www.bep.gov.tr

For more info: www.csb.gov.tr