Our Project

In new buildings in Turkey, issuance of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) has become compulsory as if 1 January 2011 by contrast with this until 2020 for the completion of the Energy Performance Certificate of the existing buildings.

According to the Regulation on Energy Performance in Buildings, after 2020, if buildings are below the class C of energy class, many sanctions are waiting for building owners.

After 2020, it is obligatory to submit Energy Performance Certificate to all building purchase and sale and rentals. Again, thanks to the arrangements to be made, the buildings will be subject to a taxation according to their energy classes.

According to this, it is aimed to give information about what the Energy Performance Certificate is and how to get it with the target group meetings, and to make the subjects that will provide efficiency such as heat insulation works to be done in the existing uninsulated buildings during the meetings, prevention of door-window insulation, and to create consciousness about the subject in building residents.